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      1. Business plan
        Learn about how to write a business plan of your investment project. The guide for small business at start up. What is a business plan? Why is it necessary to write a business plan? How to write it? Business plan, purposes of his designing. Standard structure of the business plan.

      2. Right Deals - Stop Repossession, Quick Cash for Property, Cash Sale
        Right Deals - We Stop Reposession, Offer Guarenteed Sale & 48 Hour Completion. Quick Cash for Property!

      3. Life Insurance Quotes From InsureMe
        Shopping for insurance? provides consumers with multiple insurance quotes. A fast, easy and free service that will help you save money on your insurance.

      4. Diversified Funding Source (DFS)
        Specializes in facilitating the purchase of privately held commercial and residential real estate notes, and the funding of business receivables. Arizona based company offers services nationwide.

      5. B&K Financial
        Arranges the purchase of many income streams, such as privately held mortgages, lottery winnings, structured settlements, and business notes. Located in Delaware, services available nationally.

      6. Banking Technology
        Based in the UK, this magazine provides technology and financial systems coverage for the banking industry.

        Assists banks in determining online marketing strategies and compiling annual reports.

      8. Money
        Banks and finance. Crediting and deposits. Investments and the share market. The market of currencies FOREX. Payment systems and exchange rates. Insurance. Book keeping and audit. The catalog of sites.

      9. Finance
        The catalog of sites. Banks. Business to Business. Credit. Financing. Government Agencies. Internet Banking. Rate Monitors. Statistics and Indicators.

      10. Yahoo! Finance
        Manage the market and your money with Yahoo! Finance. Includes stock market quotes, business news, mutual funds, online bill pay, banking tools, loans, insurance, retirement planning, and tax tips and advice.

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